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Classic Rock

The Latest From The Greatest™

with The Insane Darrell Wayne

Where Are They Now?

Where are your favorite Rock n Roll artists now? Classic Rock and New Wave artists need an outlet for airplay. That’s why we have created The Latest From The Greatest™. Featuring artist interviews and new music from the greatest Classic Rockers. We uncover the current whereabouts of your favorite artist from the past. What are they working on? What’s next for them?

Hosted by Los Angeles Rock Jock “The Insane” Darrell Wayne, architect of LA’s KROQ FM. Darrell, hell-bent on filling the void for new rock and new wave music on the radio, features the latest from the artists making great new music.


Target Adults 25-64

Core Adults 35-64


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Classic Rock

One Hour Weekly

Available weekly as 4 segments for a total of 48 minutes of programming.

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Depeche Mode

Elvis Costello

Rolling Stones

Jefferson Starship

Green Day

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Ozzy Osbourne

Stone Temple Pilots

Boomtown Rats