Our customization and localization package begins with local IDs and sweepers and takes off from there.

First, every Boss Jock on your station will record numerous dry sweeps that can rotate between songs during their shows, highlighting your market, call letters and station slogan, including legal IDs and pre-recorded rejoiners.

From there, we can customize just about every segment on your Boss Brand package on air because you have a separate/complete radio station in the cloud. Add or drop some songs from a playlist hour, yes you can do that. Skew the music mix a little older or younger, or less or more of a category, yes that can be done as well.

How about adding an extra spot break or a News break at the TOH or BOH, or a local PSA or Promo in the middle of a sweep instead of only into or out of a break? Yes, Yes and yes.

Once we get the set up to your liking, you can set it and forget it. Logs will be loaded to the playout for your station on our server. All you have to do is integrate your local traffic, which can be done easily with your own traffic program.

Our Boss Jocks will voice track topical tracks daily (about 6 or 7 an hour) that will play into breaks and over song intros of the playlist (mandatory network songs for continuity). However, common voice tracks will not have to air at exactly the same time on every station as they fire “locally” from your cloud playout.

Your affiliate sales rep will work with your staff to help you customize your station on our proprietary system in the cloud. Every station has its own playout, so no “fitting cover songs” or breaks for the network feed.