24/7 Brands – Made For You

Finally, a radio network built with you and your local market in mind. Your market is distinctive. Your station should be, too. Yet on air, it’s becoming more and more challenging to remain unique, local, and meaningful in and around your hometown. The level of programming service needed to drive listeners and revenue in your market could cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Every month. And that is before you pay one dime towards the operation of your station.

Syndication has long been the tool to help small and medium market stations obtain big-time talent and programming. However, let’s be honest, outside of local IDs or an occasional liner with your branding, there is generally not much (if anything) local about what they offer.

Not here! With the Boss Radio Network, we have created a radio service made for you. One that combines the talent, feel, and engineering of national scale with the personalization, flexibility, and appeal of local presentation.

But wait. Does Boss have big-time talent and programmers? Yeah, out the wahzoo.

These professionals have been in the trenches of traditional and internet broadcasting for two, three, even four decades. That is a ton of experience in your corner. But The Boss does not rest on its laurels. This same team of pros studies radio, music, programming, and the digital space to find out what works and what does not work today.

The result is focus. On you. Your market. Your listeners. Your advertisers. Your local sports. Your music. Your programming. On what you want your radio station to be: unique, local, personal, and a winner all the way. All backed by seasoned professionals who know how to get the job done right the first time. That is what sets The Boss apart from the “one size fits all” syndicators.

Don’t like a song or a song genre?  You can change it.  Got a local request?  You can add it. Want to run the news at a different spot in the hour? Done. How about adding vignettes from local clients and listeners as part of your regular broadcasts? Can do. Change the dimensions of your stop sets? Yes, we can. Run a dead segue at the bottom of the hour or at :38 after the hour? We will make it happen for you.

Clocks?  You will not find any network clocks on our website. That is because your clocks are curated just for you. No more fitting your hopes, dreams, and hard work into someone else’s pre-defined hole. Our proprietary playout gives you that level of customization. 

How about social? Need website development and updates? A new home page? Local bulletin boards for clients or listeners online? Posts and pages on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?  No sweat. Options are even available for complete radio station operation if you would like. You only need a “stick” and your engineer.

Finally, our monthly base package is not just flexible – it is also affordable. How affordable? Talk to us today – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Boss Radio Network Brands. Made. For. You.


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